My name is James Costello and I have been growing foliage for over 20 years. For a long time my aim was to produce large volumes of safe varieties for the mass markets. But like all growers the real excitement comes from figuring out how to grow something that nobody else can or finding a unique variety that grows particularly well in your area.

In 2018, I set up Irish Green Guys to provide a bespoke range of unique foliages for florists who are looking for ways to differentiate their offering. We offer over 40 varieties of foliage and a huge selection of pre made garlands designed to save florists time and money.

When I am not out in fields I am generally found coaching Gaelic football, hill walking or doing what my wife and 5 children (yes 5!) tell me  to do.

Hands checking over a stem of Photinia


All our foliage is graded exactly to length allowing florists to cost it easily and use it much faster.


All our harvesters are trained to only select absolute premium stems to give as much value as possible.

A close up of the edge of a Seneccio plant
Owner, James with his Eucalytpus trees


We guarantee that our foliage will arrive to you freshly cut and in tip top condition to give maximum vase life to florists and their customers.

Unique Range

Our varieties will help our customers to stand out from the crowd and win business.

Owner, James, checking over some Eucalyptus
A wide shot of a field full of foliage


Our foliage is grown to the highest environmental standards and we only harvest the annual years growth.